Our Director

Cheeky Raspberries is owned and operated by Stephanie Berry, MEd (ABA), BCBA, CBA. Stephanie has been working with children since 2007, and in the field of applied behaviour analysis (ABA) since early 2013. She is passionate about empowering autistic children to achieve their full potential. She is frequently upskilling, and applies evidence based practices in a fun way, so that the children she works with may gain a love of learning and thrive amongst their peers.

Stephanie holds a Master of Education in Applied Behaviour Analysis from Monash University, a Graduate Diploma in Psychology from Deakin University, and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology) from RMIT University. In 2020 she became an accredited Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA), an internationally recognised qualification. In 2023 she gained the new Australian qualification of Certified Behaviour Analyst (CBA). You can find Stephanie, and all other registered behaviour analysts, on the official registry. Stephanie has also completed additional studies through the Florida Institute of Technology, qualifying her to supervise those who are pursuing credentials overseen by the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board: Registered behaviour technicians (RBT), Board Certified assistant Behaviour Analysts (BCaBA), and Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBA).

All Cheeky Raspberries programs are overseen by the only Board Certified Behaviour Analyst in the Geelong, Surf Coast, and Bellarine areas working in early childhood.

As a pioneer of ABA in Victoria, Stephanie has a passion for supervising and educating others in the field. Over 10 years ago, she worked under the first Board Certified Behaviour Analyst in Victoria and has contributed in part to the huge growth of the field in Australia – as of January 2024 there are now exactly 300 BCBAs Australia wide. With a demand not yet matched by providers, Stephanie supervises others in the hope that one day all autistic children may have access to the evidence based support services they need. To learn more about BCBAs and careers in our field, head to career pathways in behaviour analysis.